New Forklift
New Forklift

Tekmak is Enka's biggest TCM forklift sales and servicing dealer. Enka has been importing the TCM forklifts, made completely in Japan, to Turkey since 1992. TCM forklift is one of the leading brands in the market for years thanks to its robustness, fuel economy, and Japanese technology. For the superior and unconditional customer satisfaction policy in its after-sales services rendered by ENKA and TEKMAK, the TCM forklifts have inspired the customers with confidence and become their first choice.

Preferred by important industrial organizations in Turkey for their robustness and low operating cost, the TCM forklifts can satisfy any demand with a wide product range from 1 to 42 tons. Tekmak assesses the needs of its customers onsite through its sales personnel specialized on the sale of TCM forklifts, and makes the fastest delivery to its customers from its broad machine inventories.

Second Hand Forklift
Second Hand Forklift

Our firm is engaged in secondhand trade of any brands. Our workshops perform revision and complete maintenance of the secondhand forklifts offered for sale, and we offer them to our customers under our guarantee. Our firm that holds the industry's broadest equipment pool in secondhand forklift sales offers alternative payment options. Thanks to its fully revised equipment pool and its guarantee supported by its corporate identity, Tekmak enjoys a well-deserved distinguished position in the industry with regard to demands for secondhand forklifts. You can follow up the current stock status of our secondhand machinery, which you can see and examine in our place located next to the E–5 highway in Maltepe–Istanbul, through our website.

The right address to buy a good and economic secondhand forklift, Tekmak is always beside you.

Platform Hire
Renting a Forklift
Renting a Forklift

Our firm also provides corporate renting services for the forklift and warehouse stacking equipment in line with our customers' needs. By renewing our warehouse stacking equipment pool on a continuous basis, we always keep the best brands of the world in our stock, and serve our customers with them.

We have specialized and professional sales personnel who can find out and detail our customers' needs and demands very accurately. Our said friends work on a project basis, thus being in touch with our customers from the beginning to the end of the operation. In addition to our Istanbul Central Workshop and Izmit workshops, our firm has numerous regional servicing points and workshops across Turkey. Additionally, our 15 fully-equipped mobile servicing vehicles provide 7/24 repair & maintenance service for our rented forklifts. We partner with the leading industrial companies and logistic firms in Turkey with this understanding, and increase our service investments each day with this sense of responsibility.

Servicing and Spare Parts
Servicing and Spare Parts

Tekmak renders wide-ranging repair & maintenance and spare part services for the TCM forklifts it sells. Istanbul central workshop and Izmit branch workshops perform heavy maintenance and revisions while our fully-equipped mobile servicing vehicles are engaged in onsite periodic maintenance and repair of the forklifts.

Our service engineers and technicians have been specialized and certified through continuous trainings given by the producer firm. Our firm can provide repair & maintenance services for different brands of forklifts as well. Capable of meeting its customers' repair and maintenance demands in the quickest manner thanks to the original spare parts in its inventories, Tekmak is one of the firms with the broadest range of spare parts in the industry. Having adopted it as a principle to ensure all-time availability of the forklifts with periodic maintenance agreements and full service agreements in the after-sales services, our firm provides its customers with a privilege in this sense.

Tekmak İstif Makinaları San. ve Tic. A.Ş

Company Profile

Our headquarters is located on the Istanbul Maltepe E-5 Highway and our branch is located in the Izmit Körfez Industrial Estate. TEKMAK serves as the sales representative and authorized service of TCM forklifts of ENKA Company, operating in the heavy duty equipment sector for years. Authorized service guarantee and quality service are provided for TCM forklifts, which have a justified place in the market with their low operating costs and sturdiness. Additionally, we render services to different brands and provide corporate forklift renting services. Rented forklifts are maintained in a timely manner providing 24/7 service and failures are handled in a timely fashion. In the event that the failure cannot be repaired, we replace failed forklifts with the new ones in the shortest period in line with the contracts concluded with the customers and serve them to our customers. The needs of our customers are determined in terms of renting through free-of-charge consultancy service by our professional staff. TEKMAK has become one of the few companies with an extensive machine portfolio as a 2nd hand forklift park. It puts affordable, maintained and revised forklifts with guarantee into to the service of its customers. You may follow the properties and pictures of our forklifts through our website which is constantly updated. The policy of our company in relation to 2nd hand sales is to contact more customers by selling more machines with a lower profit margin.

About Us

TEKMAK is a dynamic and principled company, growing rapidly thanks to its long-term experience in Turkish forklift sector. Fields of activity of the company; New and Second-hand Forklift Sales, Forklift spare parts and service, corporate and short-term forklift renting  services. Our headquarters is located in an area of 2,000 square meters on the Istanbul Maltepe E-5 Highway and our branch is located in the Izmit Körfez Industrial Estate.

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